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DivorceBond is a unique platform that creates a way to connect and meet people that share your life experiences.

We understand that divorce doesn’t just happen, it’s a process and a journey of many stages. There is no need to pretend the situation doesn’t exist or omit information about yourself. Whether you are contemplating a divorce, currently mediating, or divorced already – you should be proud and empower yourself. DivorceBond makes divorce dating and friendships easy, exciting and helpful.

Connect through your shared interests, favorite experiences, nationality, and live events.

The app is simple to use and intuitive.

Don’t read about someone else’s experience, create and share your own through DivorceBond!

Choose Your Interests

Divorce Dating and Freindships - You will match based on over 20 Interest Categories

Divorce Dating

Whether it’s a serious relationship or casual dating, you are ready to start exploring and seeking chemistry. Divorce dating is made simple. Interest categories include serious relationships, thrill seeker, coffee, and wine.

Divorce Dating


So you love to travel, who doesn’t! Connect and take a trip together, meet travelers or just get tips from people. Interest categories include Travel Companion and Share travel costs.


Connect with like-minded people who share your beliefs and worldview. Interest categories include networking, theater and sporting events.


Post your favorite pics of your family. Meet other people in a similar situation to you. Interest categories include parenting, toddler tips, and information sharing.


Connect with people who love the newest restaurants and the hottest chef in town. Interest categories include wine, and Healthy Lifestyle.


Discuss your journey with other like-minded people. Perhaps you are seeking friendships and support, instead of divorce dating. Get support and information from real people who have gone through a similar situation or are going through it today. Interest categories include friendship, coffee, team sports.


If you love gym and fitness, you get what it means to make it a priority! Meet people who live it every day. Interest categories include fitness, yoga, and outdoor activities.


We all love and need inspiration. Post your favorite quotes or articles on the Moments wall. You can also add a URL link to your post, taking people to the website. Interest categories include support and general information.

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